Thor’s shortened magical warhammer

It is another common symbol of Norse Spiritualism, representing Thor, strength, and/or all the gods of strength, such as Thor, his daughter Thea, and his son Ull.

AnimistsMjollnir  Mjolnir_metallic_1

Mjolnir, or sometimes Mjollnir, was, like many sacred or powerful items of the gods, crafted by a dwarf, named Brokk. It is clear, through many stories, that the dwarves are indeed masters of metalwork. Mjolnir is perhaps the only thing magical about Thor. He very rarely dabbles in magic, preferring to solve problems or achieve goals through brute strength. The powers Mjolnir gives to Thor varies, usually between things like additional physical strength, flight, and assisting in the manipulation of weather, especially thunderstorms.


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