In the Name of the Gods

A lot of what we do in life is also what the gods do. If you do it well with good intentions, it can please the gods, just as praying or sacrificing to the gods would. I would like this site to be more than just information. I want it to be educational, enlightening, and cultured. The best education is more than just telling what things are, but also showing. Bragi is the god of poetry, writing, music, and performance. Asha, his daughter, is the goddess of celebration. Here is a great Nordic song you can use during any special occasion, even just the occasion of listening to good music on any given day, in the name of the gods. Dedicate some time to yourself and to the gods simply by listening to this great work of art, by Wardruna called Helvegen.

You could use this song during a blot or other broad spiritual celebration. The lyrics speak of death, and can therefore make the song useful during a funeral or in the fall (the season of Morrigan) as a dedication to your dead ancestors. It could make a good addition to the celebrations of the Day of the Dead, if you recognize that holiday. Feel free to explore more music, it will only please gods like Bragi, and any others whose attributes and characteristics are sung of in the music.

I dedicate this post to Bragi, for great music, Asha, for celebration, and Morrigan, for the dead who walk with her, and the beauty of her season which now draws near (with all due respect to Njord, whose season of summer we’re still in, in September).

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Devout follower of the true gods, from the north.
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