My name is Anthony Bjornson, and I am from northern Ontario, Canada. My background is Norwegian and German, but this is much less important than where I’m from. It is where and how you live that makes you who you are, not blood, nationality, or ethnic background.

A few years ago, I had a dream about another realm where I met and spoke to a number of the gods. I won’t go into detail, because the dream is mine and would make a long story. The story of which little will be shared throughout this site. The rest of this site is the story of my spiritual life’s journey. I woke from that dream knowing things I hadn’t known before. The rest of my knowledge comes from research and everyday life experiences. For example, living in the wilderness is a clear and powerful spiritual and enlightening experience. And if you want to know what the ancient people of Midgard knew and never recorded, then go out into nature, learn how to survive and live, and you will see. All peoples are connected to nature. We effect our environment, and our environment effects us, perhaps even more so. This is the main lesson of the gods of wisdom and knowledge.

I would recommend starting your exploration of this site with Yggdrasil.

As for competing religions, nations, and races, I’ll repeat that blood and ancestry is not very important. Respect and learn from your ancestors, but don’t let pride blind you. Do animals and trees recognize borders, skin colour, or political beliefs? Of course not. Any time you read about the importance of blood and race in Norse mythology, it’s usually 20th century propaganda or uninformed under-educated opinion. In ancient writings, it is important to realize and understand the world all of our ancestors were living in, between ancient times and the middle ages. The importance of the word blood back then refers to the benefit of having a large and loyal family. It has nothing to do with race. Now that that’s out of the way, I’d like to ask a question, regarding other religions.

Going back many thousands of years, everyone around the world went from simple animal to cultured peoples. Without the technologies to communicate worldwide, we were all polytheistic, believing in almost identical pantheons of countless gods. Countless languages and civilizations came and went, and developed over time. Due to different languages, everyone had their own names and titles for the gods, but we all knew they came from a different realm, and we knew they were powerful and wise. We knew the gods of fertility, storms, death, love and beauty, wisdom, art, and trickery and chaos. So here’s my question: What do you imagine the god of trickery and chaos would do to humanity?

As I’ve said, the gods have countless names and titles, and there are countless gods. The main or primary god of trickery and chaos has been known as Loki, Wisakedjak, Anansi, and Eris, among other names. This god is commonly known to be deceitful and able to shape-shift. I think it’s clear he would trick people into following him only, making people believe he is the only god, or even their savior. We see throughout history the coming of monotheism. We also see that though they claim peace and love, their relationships with outsiders or nonbelievers is violent, intolerant, and chaotic. I believe Loki has communicated with men of power, or even taken the form of men of power, claiming to be a prophet or a god of another kind. Performing tricks, he could easily claim are miracles, it would be easy to gain followers in older times when people were less educated.

I urge everyone to at least read as much history as you can. Learn about the science of the universe as well. The more education you get, the more reasonable and open-minded you become. It then becomes easier to start a spiritual journey, and harder to remain an ignorant follower of monotheism; monotheism which encourages blind faith of the corrupt elite and the avoidance of free thought. It’s stubborn ignorance. Do not be tricked, because that, and the chaotic conflict between the main monotheistic religions and nonbelievers, is what the gods of chaos and trickery feed upon.


I will be adding notes here throughout the development of this site, so check back here below for updates:

1. The images I use I find through Google image searches. My understanding is that all images found on Google may be used freely and safely on WordPress. They are not my images unless specified underneath them.

2 Responses to About

  1. Rikke Uldahl says:

    Dear Anthony.

    I am a danish Art director and artist (Rikke Uldahl) I am making a Header for Grandmother Cirkle the Earth, Denmark website.
    The most important symbol for this work is Ygdrasil.
    And your illustration is so beautifull and for me it has a Nordic touch / Scandinavian 😉
    I am in the mittle of the process and have difficulties finding a tree with crown and roots as beautifull as yours. So I am asking if you will give me permission to use your Ygdrasil illustration in the header and maybe the logo?
    They have no money as it is voulenteer work. So I can not offer you money. Just the joy of participating in bringing peace to the world through your art.

    I could show you my work ore where it is at this stage, so you can see in which context it will be used.
    Please respond as fast as you can, as I am working with it these days.

    Kind regards Rikke Uldahl

    mail: rikkeuld@hotmail.com

    (you can also find me on facebook)

    • I don’t know who drew the picture, I got it from a Google search. WordPress can legally show any image shown on Google Images. So you can use it on WordPress, but I don’t know where else you can and can not use it. If you’re in Denmark, I’m sure you can use it. I think even in Canada or the USA you can use it until you get a legal removal request from the original artist. Just don’t try to sell the image for money.

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