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In the Name of the Gods

A lot of what we do in life is also what the gods do. If you do it well with good intentions, it can please the gods, just as praying or sacrificing to the gods would. I would like this … Continue reading

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There Are No Gender Roles, Only Roles

Someone once asked me, what is the heathen view of women? This was my answer: Well I can’t speak for all heathens. Many people, like in any religion, gravitate to the faith for stupid reasons and never actually educate themselves. … Continue reading

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The Triple Horn of Odin

A popular symbol of Norse Paganism in general, it actually represents the 3 swigs of water Odin took from the Well of Wisdom. It is therefore also a symbol of wisdom and of Odin. Some people mistake it for a … Continue reading

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List of the Gods and Their Spirit Animals

It is important to note that there are in fact countless gods, most of which, obviously, whose names are long forgotten. The gods have been worshiped since the Bronze Age, and most of what our ancient ancestors knew they didn’t … Continue reading

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Thor’s shortened magical warhammer It is another common symbol of Norse Spiritualism, representing Thor, strength, and/or all the gods of strength, such as Thor, his daughter Thea, and his son Ull.   Mjolnir, or sometimes Mjollnir, was, like many sacred … Continue reading

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The dreamcatcher traditionally is an item, charm or symbol for protection against bad dreams and spirits. Some cultures believed bad dreams were a result of a visiting evil spirit. Over more recent years, many people and artists have shown great … Continue reading

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The Valknut

Along with a tree (Yggdrasil), the Valknut is a primary symbol of the faith. For some it represents Odin, Frigga and wisdom. For others it even represents the three earth goddesses, Ran, Fjorgyn and Hertha, each of whom or often … Continue reading

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The World Tree, or Tree of Life. No force in the universe is more powerful than nature itself. All things, even the gods, are always at the mercy of nature, and so teaches Frigga and Odin, the gods of wisdom. … Continue reading

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